Choose from an array of different vehicle
types and models that will fit any budget.


ServiCuenca's vast network of professionals also extends to include transportation service providers, offering a wide range of packages covering Cuenca and most of Ecuador. You can choose from an array of different vehicle types and models that will fit any budget. If you are switching to another home and need assistance moving or require a personal chauffeur, we have you covered. All of the vehicles are properly registered and maintained, in order to provide you with the best quality service.

Hiring a Private Chauffeur in Cuenca With a chauffeur driving you in your car, your long commute will fly by. You’ll double your productivity, travel more safely, and find you’re more focused, prepared and relaxed throughout your day of personal appointments, community events and social activities. Here’s an approach to finding the perfect driver in Cuenca:

Step 1: Outline your requirements. What’s your schedule? Do you have recurring appointments every day, week or month? Or are your days fluid and somewhat unpredictable? Do you need advanced skills, like someone with law enforcement experience, or special services, like a bilingual driver?

Step 2: Expert drivers. ServiCuenca takes time to understand your needs and has outstanding referrals and expertise in all aspects of staffing and management: sourcing, hiring, training and managing qualified professional chauffeurs.

Step 3: Delegate. A great driver adds value by tackling important tasks while they stand-by: dry cleaning, deliveries, reservations, grocery pick-ups, car detailing or servicing, even getting your children to and from school or activities. The right driver can make your life easier by doubling as your personal assistant and mobile concierge.



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