Javier is a native of Cuenca, having lived in the city for the first part of his life before moving to El Valle when he was still a teenager. His parents bought some land in what was then still considered by cuencano city dwellers as el campo - the country side. It was a rural farm area 30 minutes from Cuenca that at the time had not even been named yet.

For years Javier’s father Emilio had dreamt of one day having his own house, where he could enjoy the pleasures and challenges of raising four children. Now Emilio could have easily bought a house big enough for his family with some land to spare, as the surrounding areas were scarcely populated and homes were inexpensive. But it was imperative that he build the house himself, with his own hands, just like his parents had done before him, and just like Javier would eventually do many years later.

Plans were quickly set in motion by both parents to begin work immediately, and the first order of business was to recruit as many family members to help out with the construction project. By default this included young Javier, who at 15 worked alongside his father and uncles for 8 months, slowly learning the skills that would eventually allow him to become the master handyman, painter, plumber, builder and tile layer that he is today.

Just a short year later after the family completed the construction of Javier’s home, it would now be the turn for one of the uncles to build a house for his family. Young Javier would be more than willing to help. This provided him with yet another opportunity to build on the knowledge he had obtained previously with the construction of his own home, thus paving the way for a successful career path in home building, maintenance and repair that would last 20 years and counting.

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